Pedicure in a tube

In one of my previous blogs I emphasised the importance of moisturising all over your body to help achieve healthy looking skin throughout the seasons. Yet I feel our feet somehow get missed.

During winter, in a hurry to get ready and keep warm, we quickly put on our socks; but this only hides the problem of cracked heels. We find this out to our peril when the days get longer and warmer and we reach for our sandals or flip-flops.

Despite bearing the heavy work of carrying and taking us wherever we need to go, our feet are the body part which get the least amount of care. It is easy to ignore them – for a start, they are much further down, away from our eyes, and bending over to attend to them can seem like an exercise all on its own.

By the time we’ve washed and moisturised our face and dressed ourselves, our feet are forgotten about.

We spend a lot on our shoes, socks and tights, so why not invest similarly in skincare for our feet? During the summer I often notice the cracked heels of others – they have beautiful footwear, but their feet are in very bad condition; they are crying out for some TLC.

My Heel Balm was designed with the most challenging heels in mind – that is my own.

As I’m on my feet for almost 18 hours every day, they tend to develop hardened areas where most strained. And if left unattended, this bit of skin dries up and cracks, a bit like old plaster on a wall.

The Heel Balm has a rich combination of natural oils and butters, as well as bees wax.  It is a delicious cocktail of cranberry butter, chamomile butter and olive butter.

The antioxidant properties of cranberries are well known; chamomile is calming for irritated skin, whilst olive butter provides deep moisturising properties as well as nourishing the cells. A precise amount of almond, oat and meadowfoam seed oil has been added to give the required fluidity. Finally, bees wax provides that extra protection so that moisture in the skin is sealed.

Ideally the Heel Balm should be applied straight after a bath or shower whilst skin is soft and full of moisture. It is this moisture you want to seal in.

It took a lot of hard work and hours spent in my lab wondering if I’ll ever get it right. Having experimented with my recipe over 250 times I have finally achieved what I set out to do. And the outcome has been very much worth all of that effort. Even my mother-in-law, who has the tough soles of a 78 year old, has noticed an immediate effect.

So if you use the Heel Balm regularly, you won’t have to scrub your feet with pumice so often – your heels will look and feel great as they are. In other words, the Heel Balm is a pedicure in a tube.