Winter skin care for your body

We tend to spend a lot of time, energy and money on making sure our face looks good, especially as we get older. Our face is our mirror in to the world – it’s how we exhibit ourselves as well as how we reflect the world around us, so it makes sense that we want to take care of it.

Facial expressions can tell us if someone is happy or sad, anxious or content, healthy or ill. Even our choice of make-up will give others an idea of our character. 

Our face deserves the best we can offer it, but the skin on the rest of our body needs the same care too. Indeed our body skin tends to get neglected; but as skin is one of our main sense organs, it needs to be cared for preferably on a daily basis.

The skin receives its nourishment from the food we eat as well as the care we give it topically. Apart from cleaning it regularly, this can be anything from putting on lotions and creams to a professional message.

I’ve never been one to lie on a couch to get a massage as my busy schedule doesn’t allow it, but I’ve massaged many a body – my friends, neighbours, my family, my husband.

But massages are not always practical or affordable. The oils used in massages can stain our clothing and for some people it is a bit too fussy an experience.

My Body Lotion was designed to ensure just the right amount of oil is put on the skin, and that the moisture provided by the bees wax is retained.

Bees wax is one of the best emollients nature has provided us - it not only moisturises, it is also an antioxidant, and provides an effective barrier to minimise trans-epidermal water loss. In other words it helps seal more water in our skin, thereby making it feel moisturised for longer. In doing so it also restores our dry skin to a healthier state.

The Body Lotion also includes a gentle exfoliating ingredient, Glucono Delta Lactone. This naturally occurs in fruits, and nourishes and moisturises at the same time. A blend of Shea butter, Oat oil and Oat flour further treat your body skin. These ingredients soothe and help replenish skin with its valuable natural oils.

As with other products, only a small amount is needed. It is also an unfragranced lotion, so you can wear your favourite perfume with confidence knowing it won’t clash with your body treatment.