Winter Skin Care

It's easy to abandon our skincare routine in the winter months, with shorter days and longer nights enticing us to hibernate.

In fact it's just as important, if not more so, to look after our skin in cooler weather. For a start it can seem like our skin is crying out for attention, ‘Give me something! Feed me!’ It begins to feel stretchy or uncomfortable to smile, in extreme cases it becomes flaky and itchy.

Natural skincare, unlike many synthetic products, contains all the naturally potent ingredients our skin needs to feel rejuvenated and nourished, with no added nasties. By reducing the amount of harsh chemicals we put on our skin, from SLS found in soaps, parabens in cosmetics and irritants in fragrances, we can start to retain our body’s natural oils giving us much healthier skin. I believe it’s always good habit to follow a basic skincare routine with products you’ve tried and tested, making sure you regularly (once or twice a day) cleanse, tone and moisturise, plus exfoliate once a week. On top of this, it’s important to be mindful of how our environment may affect our skin’s condition. If possible, shower or bathe in warm, not hot, water (and if you can bear it, alternate between hot and cold temperatures to detoxify your body). This practice helps to keep the natural oils on your skin and brighten the complexion.

Part of discovering new natural remedies to suit your skin is to be as resourceful as possible at home! If you happen to have spare natural yoghurt that is lingering in your fridge, you can use it up on your face and body instead. It simultaneously cleanses and moisturises leaving your skin glowing, with studies showing that good bacteria can reduce acne and improve blemishes. In Ayurveda it’s also common practice to rub oil into damp skin after bathing to seal in extra moisture. In the evening you can also use oil for a facial massage to relax, increase circulation and reduce fine lines. At home I use my Baby Massage Oil – whilst its gentle enough for babies, it’s great for adults too as it contains therapeutic essential oils and nut-free oils for deep, long-lasting hydration.

My daily skincare routine:

I use my Cleanser without fail in the morning and evening – it’s a rich gel packed with Peach Kernel and Coconut oil to clean and hydrate, and grapefruit oil to gently remove impurities. To replace any moisture that may have been lost from my skin after washing, I apply Toner afterwards – ours is made with multi-fruit extracts and citrus waters to deeply clean pores. I finish by applying Day or Night Cream depending on what I feel my skin needs. Both are made with a base of soothing oat extracts and nourishing Shea butter for plumper skin. About once a week I use a good exfoliator so my skin can get the most out of the products. My Face & Body Scrub has a base of Peach Kernel and Coconut oil to cleanse, red clay to detoxify and bamboo alongside rice grains to buff the skin. These ingredients work hard to remove any dead skin cells, leaving skin looking fresh and healthy.

And as with all my richly-made products, a little goes a long way to making a big difference.

Any questions? Get in touch with me via email or social media! Narynda Skincare / @naryndaskincare