Narynda’s Face and Body Scrub

Exfoliation has to be the minimum of any skin care regime and it applies to all of us.

Our epithelium renews itself regularly as part of being alive; therefore, our skin has dead skin cells all the time and they get replaced as soon as they are discarded by our bodies. Exfoliation just makes that process a bit easier and is a healthier way to keep skin looking fresh and radiant.

My Face and Body Scrub is made with all natural ingredients with two types of exfoliating agents - Rice and Bamboo. Bamboo particles help lift off dead skin cells and the Rice particles help to polish the skin. I’ve added Red Clay to it as it helps to absorb excess sebum and cleanse impurities in the skin. It also imparts a healthy glow to the skin!

They are all formulated in an oil based gel of Coconut oil and Peach Kernel oil which means the Narynda Face and Body Scrub helps to moisturise at the same time whilst exfoliating - a bonus, because often exfoliation can leave skin feeling dry.

Another great benefit of this scrub is that it is made with all biodegradable and naturally sustainable ingredients and therefore is kind to our environment too.

May I also add, that it is unfragranced and therefore doesn’t leave any lingering smells, an advantage for people with sensitive skin.

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