Holiday Travel Tips

Beauty travel tips

From balms to ease aching feet, to aromatherapy oils to help you sleep, a few well-chosen essentials can make your time away even more enjoyable.


When space is at a premium, you want to know that any products you pack are going to work extra hard. Look for products that can multi-task. Coconut oil can be used for everything from cooking to rehydrating your skin, cleansing, and calming skin complaints. You can even use it as a hair mask. Our heel balm is also a great multi-tasker. I like to keep a mini-pot of it in my handbag, as it’s handy for treating dry lips and soothing feet that have done too much sightseeing.

Hotel goodies

One of the joys about hotels is that little basket by the sink that’s packed with lotions and potions. However, if you have sensitive skin, or are trying to stick to more natural products, you might want to give them a miss. If you can, take what you need with you instead.


Most of our products meet the 100ml individual allowance requirement, but you don’t need many to fill that tiny plastic bag they give you. So, if you’re only taking hand luggage, you might want to browse our range of sample sized goodies, or decant products into smaller bottles. A bar of 100% natural soap is also useful, as it doesn’t count as a liquid or take up much room.


Busy airports, overcrowded train stations and noisy hotels can take their toll. Many people swear by aromatherapy for keeping calm, reducing stress and aiding sleep. Ylang ylang is a lovely essential oil for boosting your mood, as are rose otto and geranium. Some people find it hard to drop off to sleep if they’re not at home. Lavender is well known for its ability to help you sleep, but did you know that chamomile, sandalwood and vetiver may also help you to get a better night’s rest?


The pressurised air on-board a plane can be very drying. As well as drinking plenty of water, it’s a good idea to pack your moisturiser and some rose water, or a cooling hydrating spray. Try to skip the lipstick and keep a lip balm to hand. If your eyes feel puffy or sore, ask for some crushed ice, wrap it in a serviette or muslin cloth and hold it to your eyes. Eye drops can also be a useful addition to your hand luggage and you might want to leave contact lenses out til you arrive.

Those little extras

Think about those extra things that might prove invaluable while you’re away – a travel pack of baby wipes to freshen up with, a handheld fan, muslin cloth, and so on.

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