A Cleanser To Improve the Body & Mind

With longer days finally upon us, I certainly feel my mood uplifted and I’m sure I speak for others, too. Something about the summer weather tends to make us focus on our wellbeing by wanting to look and feel our best. More daylight can also mean more time for outdoor activities like walking, running or gardening, which in turn makes us feel better with the fresh air and extra endorphins.

Looking After Your Body:

Warmer weather is an ideal time to switch up your skincare routine from the cooler months, allowing our skin to soak up all the benefits of summer. Higher temperatures allow our body to sweat a bit more, giving us a natural detox from the inside out. Gentle sun exposure also gives our skin a bit of colour and a healthy, dewy complexion. Not to mention all the wonderful health benefits of Vitamin D we get from sunlight, from a strengthened immune system to improvement in depression, just be sure to use SPF in hotter temperatures.

So this period is an ideal time to take extra special care of our skin. I always believe in following a fool-proof basic routine for whatever your skin type; cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising. Starting with Cleansing in this blog we look at why and how to use the Cleanser.

Looking After Your Skin:

The Cleanser I make is all natural with the highest quality ingredients to feed your skin with all sorts of goodness. It is packed with Coconut Oil to look in extra moisture and anti-inflammatory, skin-plumping Peach Kernel Oil. Both oils work together to deeply cleanse pores yet leave the skin nicely hydrated. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is exposed to all sorts of environmental factors from changing temperatures, to pollution and bacteria. As such natural oils are lost from our skin on a daily basis, and more so as our skin matures, so it’s important to replace the lost moisture. These gentle oils deeply penetrate the skin to ensure long lasting, skin-soothing hydration.

Looking After Your Mind:

I’m a huge believer in the wonders of Essential Oils – each natural oil has its own role to play in the wellbeing of our mind and body. In this Cleanser I’ve chosen to use Neroli, Grapefruit, Chamomile and Lavender. Combined, these aromatherapy oils are an incredibly relaxing natural mood-enhancer, and they’re great for the skin. The citrusy Grapefruit and Neroli oils help to remove all kinds of stubborn makeup, pollution and external irritants from the skin leaving it clean and clear. The slight astringency in these oils also helps to reduce spots (by removing sebum) and blemishes giving an even skin tone. The Chamomile and Lavender oils calms and soothes the skin, giving a healthier, natural glow.

How to Use the Cleanser:

Designed with sensitive and mature skin in mind, our Cleanser is a naturally fragranced, rich gel created to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin, restoring it to its healthy, youthful state.

Choose the Best Method for You:

  1. Apply a pea sized amount of the cleanser on to your fingers and gently rub into the skin in an upwards, circular motion. Rinse off with water, or for a deeper cleanse dampen the supplied Butter Muslin Cloth and use to remove makeup or impurities. This option is great for travelling solo or with family, for a quick, natural clean on the go. Ideal for sensitive, combination or mature skin.
  2. Apply a pea sized amount of the cleanser directly onto one side of the Butter Muslin Cloth and massage into the skin in an upwards, circular motion. Rinse off with water or by using another side of the cloth dampened in water. Ideal for sensitive, combination or mature skin.
  3. If you prefer your Cleanser to be more of a milk, apply and remove it in either of the ways above but onto dampened skin. This extra water will help the cleanser become a more fluid texture, and less rich if you prefer. This method we would recommend for slightly oiler skin.

Some of my customers simply use the Cleanser as a rich overnight mask or a rich moisturiser during the day. I know of others who apply the cleanser directly onto skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis before showering - this extra layer of protection prevents irritation to the area when washing, and keeps it gently cleansed and hydrated, giving the skin more chance of healing. The best way is to experiment with the product to see what suits you and your lifestyle. 

An Environmentally Friendly Skincare Routine

The Organic Butter Muslin Cloth is hand-stitched by myself and is ideal for replacing disposable cotton pads. The cloth can be used time and time again (with our Cleanser and Toner if you wish) and can be washed at 30 or 40 degrees in the machine, and also gently bleached to remove makeup stains. There is also a small ribbon hook so you can hang it up to dry after using. 

All in all our Cleanser is a wonderfully versatile product that can be used in different ways and is suitable for all skin types, especially problem or mature skin.

Have you tried our Cleanser? Don’t forget we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee and miniature sizes in all our products, so you can sample our products to your heart’s desire!