Day and night – creams that work around the clock


People sometimes ask me whether they need a separate night cream, or if they can just get away with using their usual moisturiser before bed. While the main purpose of both is to add hydration, day and night creams are formulated differently, so I do advise buying separate creams if you can. Once opened, each jar will last around six months, so it doesn’t work out any cheaper to buy one pot that you then use twice as much of.

A day cream needs to be lighter than a night cream. People often want to apply makeup over it, so it needs to be absorbed quickly and not congest the skin. Mine is light, refreshing and very hydrating. It absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy, so it won’t make your foundation slip.

I haven’t added artificial sun protection to my day cream. I think it’s best to keep the two separate, so that people can choose what level of SPF they need for the time of year. Moisturisers with SPF can also lull people into a false sense of security, as they rarely apply enough of the cream to get the SPF that’s stated on the jar.

What I have done, however, is include oat beta glucan, which helps to protect your skin cells from UV damage. I’m a huge fan of ingredients derived from oats. Simply adding a handful of porridge oats tied in a muslin cloth to the bath will help to soften skin and alleviate conditions such as eczema. The oat oil in my day cream helps the skin to repair and regenerate, as well as aiding elasticity and collagen production. It really is one of nature’s finest skincare ingredients.

I’ve also included olive oil, which is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and superb at hydrating. The final main ingredient is shea butter, which has high levels of Vitamin E and Keratin, and is a great moisturiser.

My night cream is formulated to complement the day cream. It contains a lot of the same ingredients, including that all important oat oil, but is much richer. The night cream also contains another ingredient derived from oats – avenanthramides, which helps to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. I’ve also included peptides and acmella oleracea plant extract, which boosts collagen production and has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The night cream feels very luxurious, and does take longer to be fully absorbed, so I advise applying a small amount before bed and massaging it in well. You’ll feel the benefit in the morning.

Both my night and day creams are almost 100% natural and not tested on animals. They’re ideal for people with any skin type, and may be particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.

If you want to try them out before committing to the full sized products, you might want to order the Face Care Pack, which contains sample sizes of the day cream, night cream, cleanser, toner and face & body scrub.

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