8 Small Steps to Brighter, Healthier Skin


I’m not much of a fan of New Year’s resolutions. So often they seem to be just a form of punishment for treating yourself over Christmas. But I do think that January can be a great time to commit to being kinder to yourself. So I thought I’d focus this week’s blog on easy steps that you can take to help your skin to be the best it can be.

Eat fats! I know you may think you need to stick to a low-fat diet after Christmas, but your body really does need fat. Just choose seed, nut and vegetable sources of fats, such as avocado and hummus, over animal and dairy fats.

Make time to cleanse before bed. Yes, I know, I risk sounding like a nagging mother here, but it really is so important to give your skin time to rest and recuperate at night, without being coated in makeup. Try to build cleansing into your everyday routine, much as you do cleaning your teeth. My cleanser can be rinsed off, or removed with damp muslin cloth, whichever you prefer. You may also want to keep some cleansing wipes beside your bed, for those times you really can’t be bothered. There are some good face wipes on the market, but a cheaper option is to buy some eco baby wipes, such as those by Bambini Mio or Earth Friendly Baby.

Take time to exfoliate. Exfoliating is the first step to brighter, healthier skin. It aids cell renewal and gets rid of dry patches.

Moisturise. When our daily routine is disrupted, steps such as moisturising can often end up being forgotten. Try to take a few extra seconds to really massage your cream in, as it helps to boost blood flow, reduce congestion, and feels so nice. If you don’t usually bother with a night cream, you may want to invest in one, at least for the colder months.

Give oils a go. Whether you plump for jojoba oil, which is very close to the skin’s own natural oils, or olive oil, do treat your skin to oil, it’s so beneficial. Read my blog on ten of the best oils for your skin.

Try toner. While a toner isn’t quite as essential as a cleanser or moisturiser, it is the icing on the cake in my opinion, toning and hydrating skin, while helping to protect it from pollutants and bacteria. Read more about why you should consider using a toner.

Stay hydrated. Whether you prefer herbal teas, fresh vegetable juices, or plain old tap water, staying hydrated will help to keep your skin healthy. It’s very easy to overdo the mulled wine and prosecco at Christmas. While I’m not suggesting that you have to cut out all alcohol and caffeine in January, your skin will look better if you cut down.

Get some shut-eye. A lack of sleep doesn’t just lead to bags under your eyes. It can also make skin conditions, such as psoriasis, worse, and affect cell renewal. I do think our bodies naturally crave more sleep in the winter. If you struggle to drop off at night, try a screen ‘detox’ for the hour before bed, including turning off your phone, tablet, TV and e-reader. Make sure your room isn’t too warm, and try aromatherapy oils. A warm bath with a few drops of lavender or vetiver can work wonders, or try adding your essential oil to a muslin cloth beside your pillow.

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