Handmade Christmas gifts

Having a handmade Christmas? Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Jewellery. Beads can be pricey to buy new, so it’s worth having a look for old necklaces in charity shops. Buy a few in coordinating colours, then reuse the beads to make your own designs.

Plants. Buy a pretty pot or teapot from a charity shop and fill it with soil and bulbs. Narcissus, snowdrops, hyacinth and amaryllis are all easy to grow. Alternatively, you could make an evergreen table decoration, with dried oranges or lemons to add a splash of colour. All you really need to buy is the oasis and fruit, then get snipping in your garden or along the hedgerows.

Homemade jams, chutneys and other preserves. Make them extra special by tying a luggage tag detailing the contents around the neck of the jar, or adding a decorated sticky label.

Candles. If you’ve never made a candle before, there can be a bit of trial and error to get it perfect, but I do think that’s half of the fun. You could buy a kit, though it’s usually cheaper to buy the wax, scent and wick separately. Candles in old china tea cups look pretty, or just reuse a clean glass jar.

Scarves, mittens and other knitted accessories. How about a knitted cushion for a child, with a pocket for a favourite teddy? Or a snood to keep warm on winter walks?

A blanket, hot water bottle cover or other hand-sewn accessories. A patchwork quilt takes hours to make, but makes such a lovely gift. Alternatively, just sew a plainer quilt using two pieces of fabric and some wadding, and then add some simple applique.

Bath treats. Try making a handmade bath bomb with bicarbonate of soda, Epsom salts, citric acid and a few drops of essential oil. You could also add dried lavender or rose petals.

Of course all of my products are handmade, so if you don’t have time to make your own gifts, it’s not really cheating to buy them! I do think quality skincare is such a thoughtful gift, as the effects (healthier, brighter skin) last long after many other presents have been consigned to the back of a shelf and forgotten about.

My cleanser, toner and day cream make a perfect giftset, as they’re suitable for all skin types. Pop them into a gift bag, or a wicker basket with a ribbon around.

The night cream is wonderfully rich, so makes a lovely present for someone who needs a bit of extra pampering.

Heel balm and hand cream also work well when given as a gift together, or they’re perfect for popping in a stocking individually, or giving as a Secret Santa present. They’re both unscented, so ideal for men or women.

My face care pack and body care pack make great stocking fillers as well. Or pop the individual sample-sized jars into crackers instead, as they’re sure to prove more popular than a silver coloured mini-frame or tiny plastic handbag!

Whether you’re shopping, hand-making, or a bit of both, I hope you do get chance to enjoy gifting this Christmas.