It’s the season for celebrations!


While there’s plenty to grumble about over winter, it’s certainly the season of celebrations. When my children were at school it seemed that the winter term was filled with fetes, plays and panto trips.

We’ve only just got over bonfire night, and now Diwali is upon us. As I’m sure you know, Diwali (or Deepavali) is a festival of lights, and it can be a really magical time, with street upon street lit up with lanterns, candles and electric lights. There’s gifts, prayers, delicious food and time spent with family – very like Christmas in many ways. It’s an important festival for Hindus, and one of India’s biggest celebrations, as Jains and Sikhs celebrate their festivals of lights on the same day. This year, Diwali falls on 11th November. In our home, we celebrate Diwali very modestly, but there’ll be candles lit and a few sweets consumed I’m sure.

Once Diwali is over, it’s on to the festive period…

I do love celebrations, but they can be pretty tiring, and all that decadence can certainly take its toll, leaving us feeling bloated, run down, lethargic and rather grumpy! It’s so important to take care of ourselves, even though it can feel impossible to grab ten minutes to ourselves at times. For my part, I’m making some winter resolutions (why wait until January?) I’m trying to…

Eat healthily, most of the time. I’ll certainly indulge in plenty of treats, but I plan to stock up on lots of fruit and vegetables too. Curries, chillis, stews and hotpots are great ways to get your five a day. (Who fancies salad when it’s cold and stormy?) I won’t be dieting, and will be making sure that I get plenty of good fat in my diet, such as ghee and yoghurt, to keep my energy levels up.

Take time out for myself. In between the shopping and the tidying; looking after my granddaughter and running my business, I plan to take some time out for myself. Whether it’s meeting a friend for a coffee, going for a long walk, or collapsing on the sofa with a book, me time is something I know I need to prioritise.

Get outside. Pottering round the garden, walking through the woods, or heading for a day out, nature is food for the soul in my opinion.

Look after my skin. Each season of the year presents its own challenges. In summer we need to prevent sun damage; in winter it’s about giving our skin plenty of nourishment and keeping it hydrated. My skincare products can be used all year around. They’re gentle, hydrating and really ‘feed’ the skin, helping to repair damage and boost cell renewal. Why not order a sample pack to see for yourself?

Breathe… Lastly, I’ll be reminding myself to stay calm, count to ten and just breathe when life gets a little bit manic and stressful. I can’t make everything go smoothly this busy season, but I can control how I react.

What are your top tips for staying healthy through the festive season? Tweet me @NaryndaSkincare and I’ll be sure to share them!