A thank you for supporting a small business…


Today I just wanted to say thank you for choosing to support a small beauty business. You may not know this, but all of our products are handmade, right here in the UK (Cambridge to be precise). It’s a lot of work to make traditional, natural skincare; I can’t just load up a few vats, press a button and stand back! But I really and truly love it. I love going out into the garden to collect beeswax from the hives; I love testing new formulations; I love mixing ingredients and I love hearing feedback from customers. So thank you for helping me to keep on producing high quality, natural skincare.

By choosing to support a smaller business, like me, you’re choosing:


I believe in treating people fairly, from the farmers who harvest the ingredients we use, to our customers. We don’t test products or ingredients on animals and don’t ask others to do it for us either. Plus, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians. When it comes to the environment, we source ingredients responsibly, and make sure that our packaging is recyclable. Oh, and unlike some brands, I believe in paying my tax!

Customer service

We’re a small, family business. If you ever have a complaint, or a query, it’ll likely be me that you talk to. I believe in treating people how I like to be treated, so I’m always happy to offer advice and recommendations, and if you ever have a problem with a product, will work to rectify it quickly. I like to offer a little bit extra whenever I can, so will send free samples out with your purchases from time to time.

Value for money

Most big brands have huge overheads and demanding shareholders, and those costs ultimately get passed on to the consumer. To keep products affordable, some businesses will skimp on quality; a lot of beauty brands use natural ingredients in such small quantities that I’m surprised they have the gall to include them on the label! All of our ingredients are used in a large enough amount to be effective. We don’t water down products to save money, or bulk them up to con you into thinking you’re getting better value. I take real pride in what I sell and personally check each and every product before it’s sent out. It’s my name on the label and my face on the website after all.


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