At home pedicure


Get perfect, sandal worthy feet this summer!

Let’s face it, our feet can get a bit of a raw deal. All too often it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. They have to walk for miles, often in shoes that would make a grown man cry, but they’re lucky if we so much as rub a bit of lotion on now and then.

Most of the year, we can get away with it. They’re hidden in shoes or knee high boots, until we kick our shoes off and pull slippers on. But then comes summer, and sandals. Suddenly the chipped nail polish and calluses are back on show. So why not treat your feet to some much-needed TLC? Read on for my step-by-step pedicure guide, guaranteed to leave your feet ready for summer.

Buff any dry, hard skin away with a pumice or file, before pampering your feet with a good old soak. Make sure you have a cup of tea or cocoa at hand, along with a towel, the remote control or your e-reader. Even better, apply a face mask, put some music on and close your eyes for half an hour. Afterwards, treat your feet to an exfoliating scrub, before rinsing and drying.

If you have an understanding other half, who wants to earn some brownie points, ask them to give you a foot massage. Otherwise, you could try running your feet over a massage roller, or two of those spiky dryer balls, which feel surprisingly heavenly.

Gently ease back your cuticles, and cut your nails with a nail clipper. Use a nail file to smooth the edges and buff the nails well to remove any ridges. Paint your nails if you want to, ideally with a gentler nail varnish such as one by Zoya or Benecos (most high-street nail varnishes are pretty toxic).

Finish by massaging my heel balm in before bed, paying particular attention to dry patches. Use a little bit more than you normally would, and pop a pair of pure cotton or bamboo socks on for the night to boost its moisturising power.

Voilà, sandal worthy feet on a budget.