Managing dry skin

Dry skin is a common complaint and one that doesn’t discriminate against age or gender. Babies, children, young adults, mature people, the elderly, men and women alike, we all can suffer from it.

Many people tend to have dry skin on their extremities; on their hands, feet and scalp, whereas others find it can affect their entire body. Sometimes, people can experience random unexplainable patches of dry skin too.

In my experience there can be many reasons for this - ranging from individual body constitution to weather, diet and personal circumstances. Whatever the cause, the treatment is very similar.

Any type of dryness, whether it’s diagnosed as a medical condition or just your skin feeling stretchy and uncomfortable, benefits from being moisturised.

Our desire to combat dry skin is actually quite instinctive; we seek comfort and look for something to apply immediately. After all, apart from being uncomfortable and sometimes painful, dry skin also doesn’t look good.

A good emollient is the first step in managing it. We all have favourite products; we are the best judge of what suits us and therefore tend to swear by it. If it gives you comfort and heals your skin, then chances are you’ll not want to look anywhere else.

I personally believe in products that are rich in natural oils, butters, bee and plant waxes. In fact nature has given us plenty of natural moisturisers, so it is up to us to realise their full potential.

In all of my products there are a higher proportion of oils, butters and waxes than in a majority of the synthetic products on the market. Consequently they last longer and work more intensively to improve the condition of your skin.

Our bodies are under continuous stress from our environment, and as a result our natural oils become depleted. Our hands are particularly affected, so it goes without saying that it is important to make moisturising a routine part of your daily skin care regime.

Recently there has been a trend in oil free products, but I stand firm as a great believer in the goodness of natural oils. They are an important part of our body’s make up; they are absorbed easily into the skin, and benefit us in more than just a cosmetic manner.

Our bodies absorb these oils, which helps to maintain the suppleness in our skin. And over time, with regular use of good products, your skin will become proof of this good care. It’ll look and feel great, and you’ll find it glowing as it matures.

So that’s why my products are rich in natural ingredients and unfragranced, just the way nature intended. And, hopefully, you will benefit from them as much as me and my family have.