Damaged Hands

Whilst I was getting ready to go out the other morning, I noticed my fingers were catching on the fibres of my scarf. I had been cleaning my lab and stock room, which had left my hands quite chaffed.

Even though it isn’t particularly cold at the moment - we haven’t had much frost or snow in Cambridge - the wind is still quite harsh. It’s winter after all. We turn our central heating on, we stoke an open fire and we use lots of hot water. Our hands bear the brunt of these constant temperature changes, and our skin is stripped of its natural oils as it struggles to keep pace.

But bad habits are hard to get rid of, and so I found the dry skin on my fingers catching on the fibres of my scarf.

Hand Cream

I’d also been forgetting to use my own hand cream!

A few days later and my skin is looking and feeling much better. I’ve been applying my hand cream regularly and I’m convinced that the high proportion of oat oil, shea butter, bees wax and olive waxes have helped heal my damaged knuckles and fingers.

It took a fair amount of experimentation before I was happy with the hand cream, but I’m so glad I put all that time and thought into preparing it. Finally I am there, and the result is doing my hands, and others, a world of good.