The Virtues of Drinking Water

I never thought I would talk about such a basic topic, let alone write about it - we all need to drink water and that’s all we know. Right? Of course, but in recent years there’s been a craze about drinking a minimum amount of water each day. This in itself is not bad advice but I think it’s a bit too prescriptive for varied lifestyles. Our bodies are different and our needs are different to others, it also depends on our age, our diets, physical activity and our work/life balance.

I like to think that drinking water shouldn’t be a chore but something you enjoy. When I drink water I truly enjoy a cold glass of tap water but if it was done for the sake of filling a quota I’m not sure I would feel the same. Yes, drinking water can be good for us - it flushes out toxins, rehydrates us, relieves thirst and replaces water lost through a normal day’s activities, for instance breathing and perspiring. Water should be taken as one needs it, bearing in mind what else they’re drinking or eating. If someone’s regular diet consists of soups and salads they are less likely to need water than someone on a more solid diet. Similarly, if you’re on a low-salt diet you may crave less water whereas if your job or hobbies keep you very active you will find yourself regularly reaching for water.

However, drinking excess water can sometimes do more harm than good. It can drain the body of its essential vitamins and minerals in pursuit of good health. Our bodies take what they need and excrete the surplus.

One simple way to increase your water intake, if you must, is by replacing juices with water. Or just take an extra glass of water per day in addition to what you’re already drinking. Your body will tell you what it wants through your taste buds.

In short, I’ll say listen to your body and only take as much or as little as it needs.