Introducing our all-natural Baby Massage Balm!

Our new Baby Massage Balm is 100% natural, so suitable for even a newborn’s delicate skin. Rich and hydrating, it can help to keep your child’s skin healthy, and soothe a multitude of skin complaints, including nappy rash, eczema and psoriasis.

Baby massage can:

  • Help baby to relax
  • Aid sleep
  • Ease wind and digestive issues
  • Promote a strong bond between baby and carer
  • Keep skin soft and supple
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Help to strengthen muscles

And, of course, it’s also a really enjoyable time between your baby and you.

I massaged all three of my children when they were little. Like many mums, time and money were often scarce, but massage was always an important part of our routine. I would often massage my children before their bath, helping them to get in the mood to relax and unwind after their day. The oils and waxes protected their skin from the drying effects of the soap and water. I would then give them another, shorter, massage straight after their bath, while their skin was still damp, to lock in moisture and replenish the oils. This traditional Indian Ayurvedic baby massage routine has now been passed down to my daughter-in-law, who has massaged my granddaughter since she was tiny.

I do think the name ‘baby massage’ is a bit misleading in a way. Most people benefit from massage, and there’s no need to stop just because your newborn has grown into a feisty toddler. Massages may get a bit quicker of course, and you certainly have to pick your moments, as young children never seem to have much patience for staying still! (Believe me, I know, I had twins.)

I used my own blend of massage oils on my children, and when my granddaughter came along I did the same for her. Most of the massage oils and balms I found on the high street just weren’t pure enough for her delicate skin. I’ve spent many happy hours trying out different blends, and ended up with two products I’m really pleased with – my Baby Massage Balm, and my Baby Massage Oil.

The Baby Massage Balm is very rich and hydrating, so is particularly beneficial if your child has dry skin, or itchy skin complaints such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. It’s 100% natural and made without any artificial preservatives, colours, alcohol or fragrances. I make it by hand only blending these five ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil, cranberry butter, chamomile butter and beeswax. Each of these ingredients is well known for its benefits to the skin. As this balm is free from water, it’s also very rich so you only need a small amount to hydrate and repair. Just warm it between your palms and massage it into dry or damp skin.

Do you prefer a massage oil? Take a look at this post all about my Baby Massage Oil. It’s nut-free and made with oat oil, rice bran oil and grapeseed oil, with a few added essential oils to aid relaxation.

Are you a fan of baby massage? I’ll be sharing some of my Ayurvedic baby massage tips in my next blog post. If you follow me on Twitter @NaryndaSkincare I can let you know when the post is out.