Long nights are ideal for my Night Cream to work

Our winters seem to get a lot of people down; they tend to drag on for months and the lack of daylight can lead to gloomy moods. It is scientifically proven too. As we are creatures of nature, any marked variations are likely to affect us. Some people try light therapy, others break the season into bearable chunks by travelling to warmer climates. Those who can’t get away look forward to its end.

In the depths of winter, I try not to think about spring because it only increases my longing for it. Instead I attempt to make the most of the dark evenings.

In winter, evening walks are wonderful; the night sky is beautiful, especially if it is clear and crisp; the constellations seem to put on a marvellous display, and the moon throws its silvery veil over everything beneath it.

And at this time of year, the magical hue of the snowdrops seem to say “look at us, aren’t we beautiful”.

As nature is resting at the moment, I feel freed from attending my garden duties - no mowing or trimming hedges. I feel I’m allowed to take it easy for a few months. I’m sure serious gardeners would disagree with me as there is always something to do in a garden, but if it isn’t urgent it can be left alone to look after itself.

Another benefit of longer nights is that my night cream has plenty of time to do its job. The night cream was designed to be a hard working product like the others in the range, but it’s more concentrated – more of an ointment than a face cream! Alongside a richer base of natural oils and butters, it is packed with many actives that support the skin in more than one way.

It has Oat Oil that deeply moisturises the skin, Oat Beta Glucan, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to combat free radicals, and Oat Extract, which has calming and anti inflammatory properties. 

The Acmella Oleracea plant extract works a bit like natural Botox. In fact, in its native habitat in South America it is known as ‘toothache flower’ because of its mild analgesic properties. It helps to relax muscles, and what better time to do that than during the night?

Another extract derived from the Acmella Spilanthes flower has a complementary function of supporting the skin at a deeper level by helping to restructure cells in the dermis layer of the skin, which is a bit like strengthening the architecture of our face.

Lastly, vegetable-sourced Phytokeratin helps to bind collagen in the skin, bolstering all the good work the other ingredients are doing.

So, sleep well knowing that as you and the world are at rest, the night cream is working hard to improve your skin.